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High Definition - HD CCTV systems can reduce the camera quantity because they can cover a larger area, typically a HD camera is a mega pixel camera that has at least one million (1,000,000) pixels, standard cameras have 414,720 pixels or 0.41 megapixels.

This lack of resolution is why many CCTV installers who supply conventional DVR’s, (Digital Video Recorders) are unable to provide evidential quality images, particularly when digital zoom on playback is required.

Technical Services Ltd High definition CCTV versus Standard CCTVThey struggle to see the fine detail in the scene because the number of pixels on screen diminishes very quickly and the image becomes 'blocky' or 'pixelated'.

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Please also view our two video demonstrations below of HD versus Standard Resolution CCTV and our video of HD CCTV supplied by Technical Services at a
motorway toll. Note that these videos will play in a
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HD CCTV video demostration at a toll road by Technical Services Shropshire


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HD versus SD video demonstration


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Resolution Limitations Of Analogue

The limitations in resolution for analogue composite video signals are a consequence of bandwidth limits for monochrome and by the presence of the colour burst and filters needed for colour.

This means that analogue resolution is effectively limited to 0.41 megapixels. This level of detail can be captured effectively by DVRs which have a recording resolution of 720 pixels horizontal by 576 pixels vertical (D1 resolution). In effect there is little logic in increasing the number of pixels in a DVR because there is no more detail available from the camera, through the limitations imposed by the analogue composite video signal.

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Recording And Viewing Megapixel Images

By default, a megapixel camera will have an IP output. This signal travels via Ethernet to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a High Definition Network Video Decoder. The images can then be viewed on a high resolution PC monitor or a High Definition Display.

Avigilon’s high definition network video recorders are available with 10 Terrabytes of internal storage. Pre-configured with Avigilon’s award winning NVMS control software allows for a plug and play high performance solution for up to 96 cameras.

Avigilon’s video management software enables simple end-user operation of the industry’s most advanced features, exploiting the latest camera technology with minimal training. Its true open platform structure allows integration of all analogue, IP and multi mega pixel cameras. It is the first and only HD software to record millions of pixels of data using lossless compression to eliminate compression artefacts.

Avigilon HD Mega Pixel IP CCTV Equipment

An inclusive three year, four hour on site warranty and 24/7 support positions Avigilon NVR’s at the forefront of technology and service.

Aviglion HD Megapixel CCTV Dome Camera
Avigilon HD CCTV Dome
Megapixel Cameras and lighting

Digital cameras record brightness on a per-pixel basis so the greater the amount of pixels the smaller surface area each pixel has available to capture light. The end result is that the greater the resolution the less sensitive the camera.

A megapixel constitutes 1,000,000 individual pixels and Megapixel cameras offer a number of advantages to installers including higher resolution, wider angle images, and the ability to digitally zoom images. However, they are by nature less sensitive than standard CCD cameras meaning they require additional lighting to achieve high quality images at night.

With Megapixel cameras ALWAYS use additional CCTV lighting to achieve high quality night-time images. Megapixel cameras only deliver their advantages when viewing a correctly illuminated scene.

Aviglion HD Megapixel CCTV Dome Camera
Avigilon HD CCTV Pro

Megapixel gives you the level of identification detail you need.

The resolution of megapixel cameras far exceeds that of analogue cameras and gives the user substantially more detail to work with, significantly increasing the probability of being able to identify someone or getting clearer details of a number plate.

Megapixel technology is already widely in use in Town Centres, Sporting Stadia, Retail, Rail Networks and other applications where the resolution of the images is paramount in identifying individuals or information.

Technocal Services now have the technology to make poor resolution - especially on wide angle scenes - a thing of the past. Please view a video demonstartion of our HD CCTV in action at a Tollway.

All CCTV security and monitoring products supplied and installed by Technical Services (Shropshire) are fully tested and evaluated at our head office. We also hire or rent CCTV security and monitoring equipment UK nationwide and will work to any budget. Call us now on 08456 58 58 57 or complete our Call Us Back request form here.

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