Closed Circuit Television - CCTV video transmission

Technical Services offer a very wide range of transmission methods and will always advise the best method to suit the projects requirements.

Traditionally copper cable is used because of the need to keep CCTV component costs down, but with the increased quantity of cameras & CCTV systems in remote monitoring stations viewing town centres from a distance a new way of transmitting images across large areas without image degradation was needed.

Twisted Pair image
Twisted Pair
Twisted Pair

CCTV Video Baluns allows video to be transmitted over twisted pair Cat 5 cable. The Benefits of Cat 5 Cabling over Coaxial Cabling include:

  • Installation costs are lower because one Cat 5 cable can be run per camera easing the labour intensive routing of cable from the DVR to camera.
  • Cat 5 cable is about 60% cheaper than a combined copper coax & power cable.
  • Real-time CCTV video at distances up to 1,6km (1 mile) when used with active receiver
  • With 4 pairs of cable provided by Cat 5 and when only one pair is used for video transmission, the extra pairs can be used for either feeding power down the line to the camera and/or used for PTZ control functions for camera using RS422 or RS485 protocol, or the extra pair can be used for 3 additional camera down the same cable.
  • The Cat 5 cabling can be used for new technology IP or HD cameras should this be required in the future
Fibre Optic Cable image
Fibre Optic Cable
Fibre Optic

Fibre optic CCTV has many benefits over traditional copper cabling.

Using Fibre optics in the CCTV industry allows you to connect hundreds of cameras, digital recorders and a monitoring station across large areas, without the loss of picture quality when using copper.

Fibre optic cables emit a light pulse rather than an electrical pulse, instantly they are not subject to interference from other services in close proximity for example high voltage lines, Mains Signalling, railway lines, & tramways.

By installing a fibre optic infrastructure instead of copper cables, you are also future-proofing the CCTV system, as the ability to add more cameras and other services to the system is easier with the fibre optic transmission method.

CCTV Transmission with High Gain Digital or Analogue Radio

Technical Services (Shropshire) have an enviable reputation in receiving and transmitting signals where other CCTV security and monitoring companies can't.

Technical Services have a wide range of equipment available for the wireless transmission of video & data. These are used in a broad range of security applications from simple single camera CCTV links through to rugged, encrypted video links used by military and law enforcement users in the most demanding of situations.

Civil work of laying a duct in the ground for a Fibre or Copper Cable can sometimes stop a CCTV project dead in its tracks, this could be due to civil costs or the logistics of excavating a road.Using a Wire free CCTV or Wireless CCTV solution can get back the project back on track.

Technical Services have fast proven experience in this field & over the years have accomplished many successful Wireless CCTV or Wirefree CCTV system, without major excavation of roads.

See our Case studies (Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Highley, Newtown, Machynleth)
Below are just a few applications where Analogue and Digital video link equipment are being used:-

  • Video & telemetry transmission in local authority CCTV systems
  • Commercial CCTV & access control systems, holiday parks, industrial estates and marinas etc
  • Industrial process monitoring and protection including power generation sites
  • Video feed and evidence gathering in covert operations by law enforcement agencies
  • Video from maritime and coastguard boarding parties using body worn transmitters
  • Video & data links between ground and UAV aircraft
  • Ship to shore communications including video and IP traffic over a distance of up to 80Km
  • Large scale CCTV monitoring of remote mining works in difficult terrain and harsh environmental conditions
Wireless CCTV Video Transmission from Technical Services Shropshire
Insight Wireless CCTV Video Transmission
Insight Wireless CCTV

The Insight is a series of professional wireless video transmission products designed for commercial and local authority CCTV systems.

Performance is optimised for outdoor line of sight operation between fixed locations using the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands making it suitable for licence exempt operation in most countries.
A highly efficient H264 video CODEC encodes analogue video signals to IP packets and these are transferred via the digital radio on a Point to Point and Point to Multipoint basis. If the H264 CODEC is removed, the Insight link becomes a conventional IP radio data link.

Our trained technicians understand which CCTV equipment will be best for your location and situation.

All CCTV security and monitoring products supplied and installed by Technical Services (Shropshire) are fully tested and evaluated at our head office. We also hire or rent CCTV security and monitoring equipment UK nationwide and will work to any budget.

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