CCTV Security Systems from Technical Services Shropshire for Event Hire

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Technical Services can provide fully functional High Speed Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras in remote locations for crowd control, public safety & security for your event.

Technical Services range of systems allow the cameras to be installed at height, either onto our portable 25’ to 45’ pneumatic masts or temporally secured to building structures using specialised clamps and brackets.

The images are transmitted wirelessly back to our own Mobile Control Room or an onsite control location, we are also able to provide large Plasma or LCD Screens for observation monitors for large command suites.

T2 LaRGE Mobile Control Room

Mobile Control Room Technical Services Shropshire Ltd

The Mobile Control Room is available for hire for, air shows, food festivals, horse trials, car shows & any outdoor event that requires a secure control room to monitor the area.

The Control room has 360 degree vision equipped with roller blinds to make the room more private, it is complete with a full length desk for paperwork and control equipment. It can also work as a Public Address Commentary Box for your event.

Our Mobile Control room is quick to setup and ready to use within 30 minutes on arrival. Depending on your event a 360 degree PTZ dome camera can be mounted onto the 45’ mast, which provides great coverage.

The unit is complete with DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Monitor and Control Keyboard. Additional Cameras can be added onto our Mobile CCTV mast.

No mains supply? No problem.

The flexible mobile control room can run from a built in 24V battery system should a mains point not be available, it also has a built in 24V to 240V inverter to provide its own 240V mains supply for other services, this does unfortunately consume the battery level at a faster rate so a roof top solar panel tops the batteries up.

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Transit Van equipped with 70' mast, capable of supporting multiple Public Address speakers and high level HD PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera transmitted wirelessly back to the Mobile Control room.

Mobile PA Public Address Mast for Event Hire from Technical Services

25' Mobile CCTV Mast

Mobile CCTV Mast for hire for your event from Technical Services ShropshireOur Mobile CCTV mast has a built in 25ft pneumatic mast & can accommodate another 360 degree PTZ dome, linked back to the mobile control room wireless. The mobile mast is also battery or mains powered.

It can also accommodate speakers for Public Address for your event linked back to the Commentary Box.

Some systems are mains powered but if you don’t have a mains supply Technical Service are able to provide generators.



If you have an event which requires CCTV security systems not just in Shropshire but anywhere in the UK please call us now on 08456 58 58 57 or complete our Call Us Back request form here.

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