Music and Sound Systems from Technical Services Shropshire for Event Hire

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Technical Services have a large range of professional speakers manufactured from Bose, OHM & Celestion available for any event such as, food festivals, weddings, funerals, fetes, fun days, carnivals, parties & production events to name but a few.

Our Sound Systems can provide good quality background music or can be wound up to provide a full sound system for music coverage for your event.


Tramp Sound System for Event Hire from Technical services ShropshireSuitable for indoor or light outdoor use the tramp system provides a softer level of noise for speech and music, suitable for small marquees, wine tasting, & car shows.

Technical Services stock a quantity of Tramp Sound Systems, they are a compact all in one system which are supplied complete with a UHF radio microphone system with wireless handheld microphone, lapel or headset. Powering the two way high performance speaker is a 40W amplifier and CD player with aux input for ancillaries such as an iPOD or MP3 player.

An extension speaker is available for increased coverage.

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Sound System Kits (Party in a box) for event hire

Our custom built packages designed for plug and play & ease of use allow the systems to be collected from our premises in Shrewsbury. Each system is demonstrated to you & then dismantled. Our staff will then load into your car & when you get to your event it is a simple reverse procedure.

Low Power Music System FOR EVENT HIRE

Low Power Music and Sound Systems for event hire from Technical services ShropshireThe Low power Music System is complete with a 200W Amplifier 2x Bose 402 Speakers, Radio Mic & CD Tape Deck, this system is very popular for small sized weddings, conferences & parties, it also has automatic “ducking” when the microphone is used which lowers the level of the music.
Do you require lighting see lighting.

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High Power Music System FOR EVENT HIRE

High Power Music and Sound systems for event hire from Technical Services ShropshireThe Medium power Music System is complete with a 300W H&H Mixer amplifier 2x Bose 802 Speakers & 2 x Bass bins.

A Radio Mic & CD Tape Deck, is also included, this type of system is popular for a larger wedding & medium sized parties, the 12 channel mixer allows other inputs such as Vinyl Decks, iPODs, & CD Mixers.
This System due to the mixer require a competent user.

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Do you require lighting? See our lighting section here.

Party Speaker System FOR EVENT HIRE

A JBL 4 x Speaker system. (2 Bass Bins & 2 Mid & Tops) Complete with a 800W Amplifier, it is sure to shake the dance floor.

This system is Amplifier and Speakers only as customer have preferred to use their own music sources for these types of events, however we are able to add on our own music source equipment.

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Do you require lighting? See our lighting section here.

Large sound and music systems from Technical Services Shropshire

Yes, we can go much louder, however Technical Services would prefer in these circumstances to put a bespoke sound or music system together and set it up onsite, please call for details.

If you have an event which requires PA or AV systems not just in Shropshire but anywhere in the UK please call us now on 08456 58 58 57 or complete our Call Us Back request form here.

The Technical Services Sound & PA Team