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Swipe Card Access Control security systems

Swipe Card Access Control Security Systems and Equipment

The next step in access control are proximity cards or swipe cards, these are used for entry, staff can easily be removed from certain doors or the whole site either using shadow cards or a PC.

Swipe card readers are low cost & easily maintained. They can be installed on many points of entry, these can include doors, gates, barriers & even delivery bay shutter doors. Restriction to certain room is very simple as each card is individual. When used with a PC the system can log card holders movements when they enter access controlled doors.

How does a swipe card reader work?

The users of an establishment carry a small swipe card that has a magnetic stripe containing a unique ID. Unlike proximity readers the card is in physical contact with a reading head on a reader installed on the door. The user swipes the card in through the reader and access is controlled by obtaining the information from the card to permit or deny access.

Many cards can be on one system and individuals can be easily added onto the system. Lost or damaged cards and of users who have left the establishment can be as deleted.

External card readers can be housed in a weatherproof, vandal-resistant casing, making them long-lasting and resilient.

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