Infrared Hearing systems supplied and installed by Technical Services Shropshire

Technical Services are specialists at installing secure interference free Infrared Hearing systems. And as a comitment to the high qualilty products that we insist on using we install the world famous Sennheiser infrared systems.

How does a Infrared hearing system work?

An infrared system basically comprises of a microphone, mixing device, infrared radiator and a infrared receiver. The Sound picked up by the microphone is connected to a wideband modulator with an integral radiator. It can transmit between 2.3 MHz & 2.8 MHz,

  • The Dual channel transmission provides many benefits such as:-
    Stereo transmission - ideal for theatres, auditorium facilities, lecture halls or presentation rooms where high quality audio is being produced.
  • Bi lingual transmission – ideal for conferences with audiences with different languages.

The Radiators can transmit to an infinity amount of receivers which are available in Stethoscope, neck loops or Headphones. See more details

In very simple terms the radiator is a source of light, if the receiver is in view of the light then the sound is picked up, consequently the infrared light won’t pass through walls and other solid objects, this makes the secure hearing system.

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The Technical Services Sound & PA Team